What is a Health Coach

A Health Coach is a supportive mentor that helps you set attainable wellness goals.  I stress the word attainable.  Many people become completely overwhelmed when their family physician says, “You are pre-diabetic and have high cholesterol.  You need to loose 45lb and exercise.” The doctor is 100% right.  However, you will need to loose 10lbs and 20lbs and then 30lbs before ever reaching 45lbs.

A health coach discusses your life style, spirituality, work situation, family relationships and oddly enough your relationship to food.  This methodology creates a plan that benefits you on many levels. The plan becomes your road map for success.

The plan may need to be re-adjusted a few times before reaching the goal. Just imagine winning a 2 week trip to Las Vegas or changing your work hours to 12-8.  This is life.  Your health coach will teach you the tools to respond. Life’s every changing circumstance’s does not have to change your end goal.  A health coach is the person who is there day-in and day-out to encourage a good outcome and help trouble shoot the obstacles that will come along.


Know Thyself

We think that we really know and understand ourselves.  But, do we?   The following questionnaires are a fun and fascinating way to peak under our everyday persona and see into our dreams, hopes and spiritual selves.  All questions are scored 1 to 5.  Take your time.  Get to know YOU.

Loving the scale

Mind & Emotions

Take The Mind & Emotions Questionnaire. Learn how your thoughts and feelings are effecting your health. Results will be sent to the e-mail you provide.



Take The Relationship Questionnaire. Learn how your personal relationships are effecting your health and wellness. Results will be sent to the e-mail you provide.

This year I resolve myself to ignore my arch nemesis in culinary choices and pay much more attention to that angelic voice helping me dine sensibly.

Nutrition & Activity

Take the Nutrition & Activity Questionnaire. Learn how your choices in food and fun are effecting your health. Result will be sent to the email you provide.