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Join Us!  Health Coaches PA offers members the latest in technology for a fraction of the cost.  Our members have their own individual Product/Service webpage with posts, sliders, YouTube, individual side bar, feed-back forms, contact-forms, questioners and the ability to post events, sell tickets and utilize an extremely active blog. Best of all you get lessons to learn how to use everything!
The magic of having a community site is that everyone is connected to a personal social media and a central social media.  This website is designed with jet-pack to publicize every blog post with strict SEO guidelines simultaneously to Health Coaches PA’s Face Book, Twitter and Linked-in.  From there it travels to every members’ page and on to their followers’ pages.  You are never alone!
Health Coaches PA markets our members’ services on-line, thru social media, thru directories with strategic placement and in the “real world”.  We meet with doctors and their staff to best understand the services their unique practice provides.  We attend CME classes and learn how best to provide support services utilizing our coaches’ specialties.  We attend lectures and networking events specific to the healthcare industry. Brochures explaining the benefits of integrative medicine with the support services of a health coach are distributed and follow-up phone calls are made. Marketing materials such as business cards and brochures are available to all members ( priced by quantity ordered).
EMR (electronic medical records) Keep all your clients’ records securely online and accessible 24/7 from any mobile device. Never forget a detail. Now health coaches can have the same level of software capabilities as the physicians they are supporting. Each health coach can have their own portal.  Unlimited client records with SSL security. Find out more.
Awesome Savings Get the best prices on shared office space, fixtures new and used, office supplies, Chamber of Commerce memberships, insurance products from Farmers Insurance and much more.

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  • Application Review
  • Identity Verfication
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  • Introduction to Technology (hands on class)
  • Final Approval
  • Receive Pass-codes, personal email & instruction manuals

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Please list three references that have knowledge of your professional practice and/or business.  If you just beginning  we will accept references from coaches, teachers or volunteer/non-profit program supervisors.

I certify that the information I have provided on this application is true, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I understand that any false statement, misrepresentation or willful omission of facts may prevent my acceptance as a member of Health Coaches PA, Inc.

I understand that this application and records become the property of Health Coaches PA, Inc. which reserves the right to accept or reject them.

I authorize Health Coaches PA, Inc. to conduct work history, personal reference, motor vehicle records checks or other criminal background inquiries to determine my acceptability for Membership, and I release from liability any person giving or receiving any such information.

If accepted I agree to observe all rules, regulations and policies of Health Coaches PA, Inc.

I understand and agree to pay a one time processing fee of $75.00.  This fee is non-refundable. Basic Membership is 24.99 per month ( 6 month min.) Member plus is 44.98 per month and includes full back-end EMR (6 month min.) Other technology services are available upon request and billed separately.

To apply for membership, click the "Submit" button.  By clicking "Submit" it indicates that you understand and accept these terms.  Once all information has been verified we will contact you for an interview.  Please be advised that we hold Health Coaches PA, Inc. Members to a fiduciary responsibility with regards to the patients and/or clients referred/obtained  from this website. 

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our community.